C# : Program your code.

Learn C# Programming. More than just the basics!

Total Lectures 21

Available Languages: English & Hindi

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C# is one of the few programming languages which allows you to create amazing cross platform Mobile Apps, Games and PC Programs. Bringing an Idea to life is one of the best feelings one can have, but the path to get there is often full of challenges. So have created a course that makes this path as easy as possible all with the help of C# so that you become a skilled C# developer! You start off by learning the C# basics and C# programming concepts in general: variables methods arrays if statements loops Then you learn the three pillars of Object oriented programming. Classes and Objects Inheritance Polymorphism



    • Data Structure

Course Content

Lecture 1 - Intro of C# with .Net Framework

Lecture 2 - Data type and Variables

Lecture 3 - Operator

Lecture 4 - Decision making

Lecture 5 - Loops,Nested Loops & Control Statement

Lecture 6 - Functions

Lecture 7 - Arrays

Lecture 8 - Class & Object with Constructor

Lecture 9 - Properties

Lecture 10 - Inheritance(single,multilevel)

Lecture 11 - Polymorphysm

Lecture 12 - Abstraction & Interface

Lecture 13 - Strings

Lecture 14 - Exception Handling

Lecture 15 - File Handling

Lecture 16 - Collection

Lecture 17 - Generic and Delegates

Lecture 18 - Reflection

Lecture 19 - Multithreading

Career Options

C# Programmer


Should have knowledge about data structure.