Core PHP : Become A PHP Developer At Ease

Learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer.

Total Lectures 14

Available Languages: English & Hindi

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PHP is very popular and Open source language. At the end of course you will be able to understand what is the difference between a site and an app. What is static and dynamic sites. You will be able install WAMP / MAMP and run your website locally. No matter which OS you’re using, you can easily start with PHP development. You will be able to create your own dynamic PHP website.



    • Data Structure

    • HTML

Course Content

Lecture 1 - Introduction & Installation of PHP

Lecture 2 - Operators & Variables

Lecture 3 - Conditional Statement

Lecture 4 - Loops

Lecture 5 - Array

Lecture 6 - String Function

Lecture 7 - Math Function

Lecture 8 - Navigation (include,require)

Lecture 9 - File Handling

Lecture 10 - Upload Image

Lecture 11 - Form

Lecture 12 - Cookies

Career Options

PHP Developer

Website Developer


Should have knowledge of Data Structure.

Should have knowledge of HTML.