Microsoft Excel - Excel Formulas & Functions

Master 75+ Excel formulas with hands-on demos from a best-selling Microsoft Excel instructor (Excel '07 - Excel 2019)

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Available Languages: English & Hindi

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It's time to show Excel who's boss. Whether you're starting from square one or aspiring to become an absolute Excel power user, you've come to the right place. This course will give you a deep understanding of the advanced Excel formulas and functions that transform Excel from a basic spreadsheet program into a dynamic and powerful analytics tool. While most Excel courses focus on simply what each formula does, I teach through hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why these formulas are awesome and how they can be applied in a number of ways. By the end of the course you'll be writing robust, elegant formulas and functions from scratch, allowing you to: Easily build dynamic tools & Excel dashboards to filter, display and analyze your data Go rogue and design your own formula-based Excel formatting rules Join datasets from multiple sources with Excel's LOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH functions Pull real-time data from APIs directly into Excel (weather, stock quotes, directions, etc.) Manipulate dates, times, text, and arrays Automate tedious and time-consuming tasks using cell formulas and functions in Excel (no VBA required!) We'll dive into a broad range of Excel formulas & functions, including: Lookup/Reference functions Statistical functions Formula-based formatting Date & Time functions Logical operators Array formulas Text functions INDIRECT & HYPERLINK Web scraping with WEBSERVICE & FILTERXML



    • Access to MS Excel

    • Basic Computer Operating Skills

Course Content

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Ms excel & Basic calculation of bill report

Lecture 2 - IF Function & Nested If Function

Lecture 3 - Constant Function And Basic Functions

Lecture 4 - Complex Function : If And & If Or Function

Lecture 5 - Sum If & Count If

Lecture 6 - Home Font Group Allignment And Shortcuts

Lecture 7 - Home Menu Conditional Formatting With Tables

Lecture 8 - Piviot Table And Piviot Chart

Lecture 9 - Page layout Menu

Lecture 10 - Formula Menu & Master Salary Report

Lecture 11 - Get external data, connection, Sort, and filt

Lecture 12 - Data Tab - Data Validation Text To Column

Lecture 13 - Consolidate, Subtotal, outline

Lecture 14 - What If Analysis - Goal Seek and Scenario

Lecture 15 - Review menu

Lecture 16 - View menu & Macros

Career Options

Backend Admin


Anyone with Basic Computer Operating Skills & Access to MS Excel is eligible to enroll for this course.