Adobe Illustrator: Master the Fundamentals

Learn powerful illustration techniques in Adobe Illustrator master digital painting and graphic design with new skills!

Total Lectures 20

Available Languages: English & Hindi

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First you will be introduced to this powerful vector image creation program, which is a staple for professional designers everywhere. After becoming familiar with the Illustrator's user interface, students will go on to learn step-by-step how simple it is to create complex vector shapes using the powerful tools available within Illustrator.


  • Access to Illustrator Software.​​

Course Content

Lecture 1 - Interface of Illustrator Rectangle & Ellipse Tool

Lecture 2 - Direct Selection, Group Selection Lasso & Magic Wand & Pen tool

Lecture 3 - Type Tool, Areatype, Type on Path with Options

Lecture 4 - Basic Shape Tool Blob Brush Tool & Brush Libraries

Lecture 5 - Pencil Smooth Path Eraser / Scale Skew Rotate Reflect Reshape etc

Lecture 6 - Shape Builder,Live Paint, Live Paint Selection Perspective Grid Tool

Lecture 7 - Mesh, Gradient, eyedropper, blend

Lecture 8 - Symbol Tool Using Symbol Libraries

Lecture 9 - Graph Tool

Lecture 10 - Artboard Tool Zoom Tool Hand Tool

Lecture 11 - Effects Menu (illustrator Effects) 3D effects

Lecture 12 - Effects Menu (Photoshop Effects) 3D effects

Lecture 13 - Select Menu

Lecture 15 - Object Menu 1st Part

Lecture 16 - Object Menu 2nd Part

Lecture 17 - View Menu

Lecture 18 - Edit Menu

Lecture 19 - File Menu

Career Options

Graphic Designer


Basic knowledge of operating computer.