We offer RUST-X VCI MASTERBATCH 3100 PC for making VCI plastic products. This can be dosed at 5% to manufacture anti-corrosion films in standard blown film lines.

Films produced from our Masterbatch have the following features:

  • Passed the VIA test - TL 8135 -0043 with the best level 3 - (attached test report from BFSV Germany)

  • Passed the German Razor Blade test

  • 100% free nitrite

  • Secondary Amine Free

  • Multi-point protection

  • No smell during production

  • Complies with TRGS 615 for safe VCI chemicals.

  • In accordance with the latest VCI testing methods


Passes German Razor Blade test


How to do Razor Blade Test

  • Take two blades

  • Clean them with ethyl Alcohol

  • Dip in distilled water

  • Place these blades in wet condition in a plastic bag

  • The effective VCI bag will not let the blade to form corrosion

  •  Observe after 2 hours and then 24 hours

RUST-X VCI Masterbatch 3100 PC.jpg
Razor in Normal Plastic.jpg
RUST-X VCI Masterbatch 3100 PC ppt  BFSV
Razor in VCI plastic.jpg