The world has changed in last 30 years like it had never changed in centuries. All aspects of our life has been affected disruptively.

The offices are not operating the ways they used to operate 30-40 years before . Physical registers have been replaced with computer spread sheets. Landlines have been replaced with mobile.  The concrete  offices have been replaced with virtual offices. We do not necessarily physically go to doctors in every time, We get online advice based on scanned reports. Administrative authorities like police and other agencies are now  taking support of  communication devices and related tracking system .

However if we notice, Our Education system has not adapted  with the same pace, we still have blackboard system, note book and rote system. We still need to read many subjects which we never use in our professional or business life. Though school is the foundation of our life but to succeed in industry we need special skill for specific job.

In Generation Zee we are offering Industry related Computer courses in Greater Noida eg. Digital Marketing, Graphic designers, Web Developer, Programmers and many more contemporary courses for college students, working professionals or wannabe entrepreneurs or those who always have a fire to learn something new to increase their value.   Pride Educare

For school going kids We offer most advanced way of personalized learning system .Unfoldu

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