Adobe Photoshop CC: Become Pro at Graphic Designing

Become a Certified Graphic Designer with Adobe Photoshop CC. Learn how to design in Photoshop with these easy-to-follow Photoshop lessons.

Total Lectures 25

Available Languages: English & Hindi

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To start with creating a document Creating shapes to be used in your layout Combining shapes to create logos and graphical elements Using custom color palettes Editing text and installing fonts Aligning and grouping objects Importing and cropping images Creating your own business card in Photoshop


  • Access to Adobe Photoshop CC Editing Software.

Course Content

Lecture 1 - Interface of Photoshop - Using Move Tool

Lecture 2 - Use of Selection Tool and options

Lecture 3 - Use of Selection with Refine Edge

Lecture 4 - Crop & Linking Image with Slice Tool

Lecture 5 - Eyedropper Color Sampler Ruler Count Tool with options

Lecture 6 - Brush Tool with Brush Presets

Lecture 7 - Healing Brush Patch Red Eye tool with options

Lecture 8 - Retouching on Image with Clone Tool & Pattern

Lecture 9 - Use of Text Tool with masking

Lecture 10 - Fire Effect on Text & Image

Lecture 11 - Basic Shapes Tool with Options

Lecture 12 - Collage Effect using Shape

Lecture 13 - Pen Tool Use - Make Selection / mask /Shape

Lecture 14 - Select Menu

Lecture 15 - Filter Menu

Lecture 16 - Type Menu

Lecture 17 - Layer Menu 1st Part with Layer Masking

Lecture 18 - Layer Menu 2nd Part

Lecture 19 - Image Menu Adjustment

Lecture 20 - Create GIF Using Frame Animation

Lecture 21 - Gif Ad using Video Timeline

Lecture 22 - View Menu Cover Design

Lecture 23 - File & Edit Menu Poster Design

Career Options

Graphic Designer


Basic knowledge of operating computer.