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Learn Share Market To request for a Demo Session, please fill the form : In this course you will learn: Build an investment portfolio that generates an income stream How to select the right stocks Access if company is financially healthy Know if the stock is over or undervalued and hence invest at the right price! Know how to time the market to buy and sell at the right timing!



Course Content

Lecture 1 - Basics of Investment

Lecture 2 - Demat Account

Lecture 3 - Primary Market-Part 1

Lecture 4 - Primary Market-Part 2

Lecture 5 - Secondary Market-Part 1

Lecture 6 - Secondary Market-Part 2

Lecture 7 - Derivatives Part-1

Lecture 8 - Derivatives Part-2

Lecture 9 - Mutual funds Part-1

Lecture 10 - Mutual funds Part-2

Lecture 11 - Concepts and Analysis

Career Options