Rust-X patented VCI technology of speedy moisture passivation has helped automotive, aerospace, engineering and heavy metals industry a great deal.

SMP VCI acts within seconds and lasts upto 15 years. Previous industry standards of 6 to 8 hours of VCI action resulted in non de-activation of moisture and acceleration of corrosion when goods were packed. 20% of Rust-X VCI evaporates with 6 hours and remaining 80% is exhausted over a period of 15 years.

It is the first 6 hours of packing in which maximum condensation takes place on metal surface after opening the bag and placing the parts. It is quintessential that this moisture is immediately reacted with VCI to neutralize it else moisture that settles on metal will cause corrosion resulting in formation of Ferrous Oxide.

How VCI functions: VCI works by deactivation of moisture by evaporating the chemicals from the film , paper or powder and reacting with moisture to form a multi molecular bond which is non reactive to metal surface. VCI also form a fine layer on the metal surface invisible to naked eye and this deactivates the electron flow that causes oxidation of metal.

VCI also alters the pH value of the packaging to around 8-9 which makes an alkaline. In an alkaline atmosphere the possibility of corrosion reduces substantially for years and years together.

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