Yarn Sourcing and Trading

Generation Zee co., Ltd brings extensive and immersive experience of more than two decades in Cotton Yarn, Synthetics Yarn, Worsted yarns and Fiber manufacturing plants with global sales and marketing and supply chain experiences.

A strong customer network built around the world with supply chains based in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China over the past two decades, creating advantages for Generation Zee co., Ltd.

Ring Spinning Yarn

100% Cotton Yarn and TC Yarn (combed / carded, free of contamination / contamination control), Range Count Ne 10-Ne 100

100% Polyester Yarn, Single, Multi-fold, Sewing thread,  Bag Closing Thread (white and dyed), count range Ne 10-Ne 60,

100% Rayon Yarn (count Ne 20,30)

100% Acrylic Yarn, Non Bulk and High Bulk (White and dyed), HB Count NM 24, NM 30, NM 32. NB Count: Ne 30/2, Ne 40/2)

Polyester Viscose Yarn (White and dye) count 10-40

Open End Yarn

100% Cotton Yarn  (7,10,16,20,30), Polyester Cotton Yarn (7,10,20)


100% Viscose Yarn , 100% Polyester Yarn, Cotton, Yarn,  Polyester Viscose yarn , Count Ne16 to Ne40)

  • Textile

Cotton Yarn

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